Don’t Get Lost Chasing the Wrong Audience!

Don't Get Lost Chasing the Wrong Audience!

Are you selling cat products to dog owners? Here are some common mistakes business owners make while identifying the right audience for their new idea: Casting Too Wide a Net: It’s tempting to reach everyone, but trust me, it’s not effective. Narrow down your target audience to those who are most likely to engage with […]

Sheldon Cooper Mindset With Your Target Audience

1 minute read Image Source Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a character played by Jim Parsons in the hit sitcom, ‘The Big Bang Theory’. He is a young eccentric nerd with very little emotional intelligence. Here’s how to avoid a Sheldon Cooper Mindset while dealing with your target audience: Sheldon Cooper Mindset: Don’t Be Rigid Entrepreneurs […]

Impact on Visual Art

Impact on Visual Art Business A Brief Description of the Artist A young millennial contemporary artist based in San Francisco employed symbols of paradise. She used various art mediums including spray and paint to create colorful, frenzied canvasses. The artist was inspired by a wide array of influences to generate various painting, drawings and visual […]

Search Engine Optimization for Business Owners During & After The Pandemic

Search Engine Optimization| SEO-FOR-SMALL-BUSINESS |

Image Source: You have probably heard the name of SEO or Search Engine Optimization if have a website of your own or that of your company. However, until unless you invest several hours online as what SEO is or what are the benefits associated with using SEO, you will never get the idea. However, […]

SEO Mistakes Business Owners Make

                                     Mistakes Business Owners Make in SEO Image Source: Some business owners do make huge mistake when it comes to search engine optimization(SEO) which is the most vital part when it comes to online marketing. Many of […]

The Art of Placement – Positioning Your Business

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Image Source: eDynamic Learning Entrepreneurship gives a lot to business owners: It helps them make money, If offers them financial freedom, It enables you to do what you love to do, It enables you to spend your resources wisely eg, spending time with family; It reduces guilt, It brings recognition and success. POSITIONING Image Source […]

Marketing Without Personas

who is your target market and why it's so important to know|

Image Source:LinkedIn Marketing without figuring out your target market Starting your marketing efforts without first identifying your target market is like trying to hit a target with a bow and arrow blindfolded. A very small percentage of the arrows will really hit the target. Identify your target audience early in your business so that you can […]

Retail Products – Case Study – Custom Purses

Introduction – Retail Products – Custom Purses Sharon a young female retail designer wanted to launch her new production of purses. She created separate versions of purses – different sizes, colors and styles. Making the business a true success was a real struggle for her, but she didn’t give up. Her persistence paid off in […]