Sharon a young female designer wanted to launch a new product, production of purses. She created separate versions of purses – different sizes, colors and styles. Making the business a true success was a real struggle for her, but she didn’t give up. Her persistence paid off in the form of an idea that has not only up-leveled her business but is also helping other. Sharon’s story shows how problems are always opportunities in disguise.

She runs a direct purse selling business; she designs all of the purses for her business. “Sharon purses” is her second business. She had another purse business before this one, a partnership with investors and the business died a natural death because of lack of promotion and market research. Now she runs her current business independently and loves the power of internet marketing, as well as forming new relationships with people around the world.


Her biggest challenge was to reach out to more people physically and online, she did not know her targeted audience and how to fine them especially locally. She was targeting everyone and everywhere for her purses, she did not know which version of her purses her potension customers will prefer. Her other challenge was managing the different jobs within her business and figuring out what she needed most to expand her business.  She also wanted to grow her business on her own, so financial challenges came up.

As a result of all these challenges she hired and opted for our target audience/customer profile service. Here are some of the results achieved:

  1. I quickly discovered their target audience

  2. Discovered behavior buying of their target audience

  3. Identified main customer buying patterns

  4. Discovered Market to the decided & undecided consumer

We also conducted  A/B testing for 2 versions of their purses and delivered a solution on the most profitable and preferable version of her purses amongst her target audience.

The result :

  1. Now Sharon knows her target audience,

  2. She  knows who will buy her purses,

  3. She  knows where to find them

  4. She knows which purse design will sell more and

  5. She knows which version of her business product will potentially become benchmark product for her business

We also found those who have an immediate need for their purses and are willing to pay a premium price for their it.

After knowing their target audience, Sharon’s company was able to acquire quality leads in less than a week.

Today she says:

“Searchmktgpro has done an amazing job in finding information about my product which took me months to do…from a very happy customer”