Impact on Visual Art Business

A Brief Description of the Artist

A young millennial contemporary artist based in San Francisco employed symbols of paradise. She used various art mediums including spray and paint to create colorful, frenzied canvasses. The artist was inspired by a wide array of influences to generate various painting, drawings and visual arts. So the artist created scriptures and paintings which were very attractive and captured boundlessness of people imagination.

Art is a zone in a culture that offers a platform to explore the current, past and future events. The artist faced marketing challenges and was unable to sell her products and services in the highly competitive market. In order to reach the rarefied art world of echoing galleries takes a lot of time and energy which she didn’t have. So she stuck to her creative work and did not employ digital marketing to reach people open to buy her art.


Challenges Faced By The Artist 

My client faced many challenges in the art industry.

Impact on Visual Art: The Bigger Picture

Branding is one of the most critical aspects of marketing that the artist failed to utilize to build an audience for her artwork.She was not an active member of social media. Hence she did not use the digital marketing to reach a wider market. She had a challenge gaining and keeping followers on social media and hence she failed to interact with them.

Social media is an important marketing strategy that enables visual artists to market their brand and sell their artistic works. She failed to utilize social media platforms to market herself as a brand as well as her products. She was unable to use social media to gain a competitive advantage and thus overcome the competition challenges she was experiencing.

The artist also had poor management of finances, and she failed to allocate resources appropriately. The resources were not optimized, and hence she worked on low priority projects rather than projects that met her goals. She faced challenges allocating resources to the various project and hence failed to take a holistic view of incoming demand and available resources which rendered her into financial crisis. 


Impact on Visual Art: The Solution

My skills and knowledge in marketing were essential, and they helped to address the various challenges that the artist was facing. I offered her many ideas that addressed the challenges that her business was facing. I developed a digital marketing campaign for an exhibition launch for her series of painting. The digital marketing strategy was a cheap marketing tool that enabled the artist to sell her artistic works and reach a wider market at minimal cost.

The artist was not an active member of social media sites and thus had poor online marketing skills. However, I developed a schedule for her to post her artwork and gain followers on social media platforms. The artist tested a few of her artworks and determined the ones that yielded more likes and comments. The social media sites offered the artist a platform where she interacted with her followers. The interactions helped the artist to reach a wider market, assisted her to determine the market needs and develop her brand.


Impact of Marketing

The marketing campaign yielded various results that helped the business to grow. Through the digital marketing strategy, the artist attracted international media where the press recognized her artwork. She was interviewed by a French magazine which offered her an opportunity to showcase her talent and artwork. The artist was hired for commissioned work and was also among few artists selected to showcase their paintings in two prominent galleries in San Francisco. Additionally, we adopted digital marketing for advertising a brand new series of paintings which attracted a huge number of customers.

The business which had stagnated for a long period was able to sell a complete series of painting leading to growth. The marketing strategy attracted new customers, and the artist was approached by an art gallery for a solo show with her paintings. The solo show offered the artist a platform to showcase her paintings which lead to increased sales. 

Impact on Visual Art: Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing strategy helped the artist to establish her brand and gain a competitive advantage. The artists developed an online portfolio and engaged social media platforms in marketing her artistic paintings. Social media sites have more than 1.7 billions people so by being active on social media, the artist deftly enhanced her marketing strategies.

These strategies were efficient and cost-effective, and they helped the business to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. They supported the growth of the business, and the promoted the success of the artist in the competitive art industry. Digital marketing including social media and website are essential components that help the artist to reach a wide audience. They help artists achieve key business objectives at a minimum cost.


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