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  • There was an industrial entrepreneur who was finding it difficult to sell his backsplash protector due to the lack of information he had in regards to a target market for his niche industrial product idea.

  • Exhausting himself with research and finding all of his attempts fruitless, he became dismayed that people didn’t seem to understand his innovative although industrial idea, value it and find true enjoy in his product as much as he did.

  • He wasn’t sure if the industrial project was worth investing in after experiencing a multitude of failures so he decided to look for an expert within the target market field.

  • He wanted to validate his industrial product idea before proceeding to setting up his business.Like many small business owners and entrepreneur, he was struggling to find a target market for a very niche product.



The kitchen backsplash as depicted in the pic above, is placed on the kitchen wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. It protects the walls of the kitchen from staining, especially in the zones close to your sink and stove, the places where you cook, clean, and prepare food. While using the kitchen, your backsplash might stain, but the materials it is made from will is very easy to clean and maintain.

As they stated their situation, we scrutinized the information that was provided and noticed how he was overlooking some major aspects of his problem. He didn’t quite have enough information about the target market as it is a very niche product. The group of people who would find value in his industrial backsplash were unknown to him. He wasn’t sure if his target audience were really willing to pay up for his innovative idea.


After a quick consultation, we implemented a process that would enable him to find the right target market for his industrial product.It was evident that without the proper research his products wouldn’t sell and he’d soon find himself in bankruptcy. But backed by our research, he was able to sell backsplash protectors efficiently and effectively. 


Our report helped him to understand who the right target audience truly is. It gave him a very clear picture about the target market size and their demographics like age, income, gender etc. He learnt about the kind of typical experiences his target audience has in the kitchen and how his product was a great fit. He understood the mindset of his target audience in and out and knew how to pitch his product appropriately. 


Our report also showed him how and where to reach his target audience.Backed with our research, he found himself steadily growing and enjoying his lucrative business.


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