Advertising (PPC) puts your website in front of a targeted audience right away through ads.Possibly within an hour of putting up your PPC ad, customers click on it and visit your site.It is specially great for new websites with little or no exposure.

For example: Imagine you started a jewelry boutique. You want people to know about your awesome boutique so you setup a PPC Ad on Google.This PPC Ad will quickly and consistently brings you the highest quality of visitors.

Setting up your PPC Ad, will include the following:


Adwords act as a reminder to the customer when they are actively looking for products and services online.We will set it up for you and help you get found.Within an hour of setup, it can potentially drive traffic to your website, create awareness about your product to qualified customers, and help you get increased sales.

Audit and Structure

We will dive into your existing account and look for areas to improve performance.

Landing Page Design

Visually appealing landing pages engage people and draw them in to your business. We will optimise the pre and post ad experience for your landing page.We will optimize your landing page and ad to making them connected and relevant to each other. This will help to generate visitors on your page.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We optimise your sponsored search ads, landing pages, and overall website design.This will help you convert the highest possible percentage of visitors to your site.

Remarketing and Retargeting Ads

We will help you reach out to those customers who don’t make a purchase on their first visit to your site via these ads.

E-commerce advertising

We will guide your online shoppers to your e-commerce website and persuade them to buy your products or services online. E-commerce advertising includes a variety of marketing techniques namely email campaigns, pay-per-click ads, affiliate programs, YouTube channels, and social media advertising for your business.

Paid Advertising on Social Networks


We will set up social media paid campaigns to drive traffic about your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other channel of your choice.

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