Customers for Medical Advisors - Target Audience for Medical Advisors



Headquartered in Ireland, this company was established five years ago. It comprises of expert medical advisors, medical practitioners and doctors from around the globe. They register on this platform and offer medical consultancy online to clients. These doctors specifically earn by providing medical opinions via this platform on various healths related issues. The clinic provides major medical and surgical disciplines together with a range of psychotherapeutic services.

Previous situation

The company faced a serious challenge of identifying the true clients in the market. Initially, the company targeted everyone and everywhere for clients. This problem was a root cause to several issues that were of a major concern. Other challenges encountered included the difficulty of heterogeneous set of legacy systems integration, a lack of data standards, complexity of medical practice as well as politicized and complex organizational structures.


The company realized that it was not making any impact and thus initiated a study conducted by SearchMktgPro to find ways of discovering their true clients. The study enabled the company to identify its true customers locally, nationally, and globally based on their engagement and interest. Additionally, it was also able to get clients who were in need of urgent medical advice and were quite willing to pay for the service.


  The company business is now thriving with the provision of services to the right people. The client base has increased with the services covering more countries than initially. This has seen the business growth rise tremendously; more so with the aggressive marketing both locally, domestically and internationally. The company also carries out several promotions as it targets the right audience. The communication lines are now clear as the company targets the correct leads. There is no more wasting of time on leads that are not qualified. It only focuses on nurturing leads who are genuinely interested in their services. The organizational performance has been enhanced by increasing efficiency, lowering costs and creating broader markets.

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