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You have probably heard the name of SEO or Search Engine Optimization if have a website of your own or that of your company. However, until unless you invest several hours online as what SEO is or what are the benefits associated with using SEO, you will never get the idea.

However, you do not need to do that as in this article I will guide you about SEO and impact of SEO/Search Engine Optimization for business owners. 

Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

However, first let me give a brief introduction to what SEO or search engine optimization is? SEO is a process, method or way to get traffic to your website. The traffic can be obtained from free, organic or natural search engine results. From here it got its name as search engine optimization. It is an activity which ensures that the website can be found in the search engines results due to words and the phrases which the site is offering.

Why Search Engine Optimization(SEO) matters to business owners during and after the pandemic?

SEO is the game changer activity for those who work online, but here the question is why SEO or Search Engine Optimization matters to business owners in 2021 and beyond. Mentioned below are some of the reasons as SEO is a must for business owners.

  1. According to the report of Bright edge organic channel report, it is the organic search which causes the 51% traffic on a site.

  2. Furthermore, almost 83% of the traffic on any website from any search engine is because of SEO, and the remaining 17% is obtained from the paid resources.

  3. For the startups, although the SEO requires a significant investment, however, once you got the ranking in search engine, it will stay there for a long term.

  4. If you are a sole proprietor and do not want to invest in media marketing, then the reliable way is to do SEO as SEO traffic as no media cost. Furthermore, it can provide you higher returns than any other channel.

  5. With the proper use of SEO, you can make navigation and transaction much easier for the visitors.

    The Bigger Picture

  1. For the creation of brand and brand trust you need a share of voice on the search result pages and to do so we need proper SEO.

  2. With the help of other marketing channels, we create a demand for our products. However, how can consumers be able to search for your products if your site is not there?

  3. SEO research is conducted to analyze the user interests and preferences. You can then use that results to create material to capture that interests.

  4. SEO has a global impact, and it can bring in new and surprising customers from around the world.

The impact of Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

Let’s have a look at how the results of SEO impact the business?

  1. The biggest impact of SEO is the traffic generation which can bring new customers to the business e-g a sole-proprietor in the UK, US or Singapore can have customers from San Francisco.

  2. Not only SEO generate new customers but also help us to find what the common issues of the existing customers are, and you can then address the issue and build brand trust.

  3. To analyze the change in the buyer habits, we need the strong SEO strategy.

  4. You can use the SEO results to make your other offline marketing more aligned, and customers focused.

  5. As SEO provides the keywords, people use the most for the search, and you can implement them in your marketing.

  6. If you have your site, then a proper SEO will give you exposure to a business entity in the online world.